Investing in the Life We Have

"Invest in the life you have, to get the life you want." ~ Rhonda Britten

How many times have I spoiled the present moment wishing that what I wanted in the future was here right now? What have I missed not being in the present moment? The punchline of a joke? A Stop sign? Joy? An opportunity? A lesson? A friend? Peace? The beauty of the day? What I've learned over the years is that the future IS now! Louise L. Hay says: "Every thought we think is creating our future." I find this to be true! When I pay attention I realize that the ideas, dreams, passions, loves, I've delved into for years both in my imagination, thoughts, writing, and spiritual practice -- I see that they are unfolding before my eyes --like a rare & beautiful flower that blooms but once a lifetime. And that flower IS my life! Finally...the harvest is here! ...and the soil is fortified, ready to enrich and grow a garden of life-flowers. The persistence, work, faith, fight, tears, self-awareness, patience, prayer, meditation, writing, reflection and belief....all has paid off! I now see that I've been present more than I'd acknowledged myself for. So.. I shall do that now: "I, Cheryl acknowledge myself for devotion to my heart's desires, for carrying the torch for my relationships, my dreams, my creativity, my passions, and overall well-being... and I will continue to do so." That self-acknowledgement is one way I invest in "the life I have". It's also one way of assuring that I will "get the life I want"...which is already unfolding right before my eyes! The life I have and the life I want, I recently realized are two sides of the same coin. Now that lesson-learned has been over 25years in the making. I've not always felt that way, but when you keep investing in the life you have (by learning, being "willing", by risking, by keeping the faith, being truthful with yourself and others) -- that's all an "act of faith:...and that faith-investment pays off.

So today that is the blessing my heart sends to you - that "now, more than ever" you will invest in and enjoy the life you have right now...and may it be the life you want. And may we inspire-by-example so others might do the same.

Enjoy the journey that is your life.
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