Seeing & Thinking Differently

Thanks to the Modern Day Muse, Albert and his domain of "thinking differently" coupled with Aha-phrodite*, the Muse of "paying attention"...I am reminded that by really seeing what's present in my day...from the most significant to the seeming-mundane... I am able to elevate my moment-to-moment experience, and the elements of my day to poetic song! By simply being willing to see it differently, and then to do something writing about it in a new way... like this:

Today is a day of transformation!
Today is a day of rain, flowers blooming and trees flowering
Today...a sparrow winked at me!
Today Spring is here and May flowers are drinking-in the rain
Today is a day I inspired....a friend told me so
Today...."I am inspired!"

Today is a day of stop signs and green lights, robins and red breasts...
...chicken breasts and salad greens
Today is a day for cheering...
... smiling
... and creating
Today is a day well lived, and seen!

These were all ordinary elements of my day that were raised to a playful, poetic level by embracing: "paying attention" and "a new way of thinking"... then writing about it. The cadence of this poem was inspired by spoken word artist, Lizzie Wann's "Declaration"--a cut from her CD: A Wing & a Prayer.

Now, viewed in this way...the day is even more special. We can tranform every day to a day of splendor, reverence and illumination no matter what's going on by simply being willing to think about it differently...then we see it differently.

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