Wisdom from a Geko!

While at work the other day while going through my purse I found a slightly bent-up page I tore out for SoulCollage. It was a nice size picture of the charming geko -- you know, the Geico gecko. I just loved this picture, he looked adorable.... so I trimmed away the advertising portion at the top and bottom; and the only thing remaining was the charmining little geko, or so I thought. He stood nice and about five inches on a white backround. I smiled and talked to him for a bit telling him how cute and wise he looked. Then I noticed some writing next to him that I never noticed until then. Right next to him....there was a short sentence.....totally unrelated to car insurance.....I about fell off my chair when I read read: "I love my job." I was stunned. At that moment my struggle was over, I declared: "I surrender!... I love my job!"

The synchronicity was incredible because a friend and I had a conversation the other night about this topic...of jobs vs. our "life's work".
After some restlessness, it is clear to me now I'm in my divine-right place...for now. It provides the perfect support in a myriad of ways for my creative-soul-growth as well as other necessities. But..I'd been, I no longer resist. I embrace: my wonderful job, my place and my purpose there...and in this present moment. I now REALLY know it serves my greater good... and therefore my life's work, and the greater good of those whom my life's work touches. Plus, I am appreciated!
A quote by Barbara Stahura provides a perfect reality check for living in the moment. She says:
"It's become crystal clear to me that work is not my life; my life is my work."
Now doesn't that just about sum it up?

I will make at least one SoulCollage card to honor this part of me that knows I am in my Right Place, and that honors synchronicity. And...I will put the geko picture in my office. I'll leave the "I love my job" in tact so I can remember his wise declaration, and attitude. Mr. Geko wasn't lamenting that he was not longer in his natural habitat nor complaining that he had been plunged headlong into media-mania, and celebrity-hood...nope...he simplly declared "I love my job". How adaptable is he? That's a quality that's good to have. What a lesson he's taught me.

Being aware of the life lessons that surrond us, can reap abundant, joyous rewards!

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