A Personal Prescription

This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt reminds me to continue to reach even farther than what I might think is venture into uncharted waters even if it scares me a little. Part of my personal prescription is to find the right balance...adjusting proportions, like tinkering rhe ingredients in a recipe. It's important for me to step outside of my comfort zone..with the right measure of "resonance". My actions have to resonate with me....resonance is an ingredient of my inner-wisdom. No resonance venturing without.
Resonance tells me that "on board" with what I'm about to do. That's what gives me the courage to "do one thing everyday that scares me". OK, sometimes it's more like once a week, and depending on what's going on it's can be every 2 weeks. What matters is consistent progression. Sometimes that "one thing" is allowing myself to think of and imagine greater possibilities for my life than I have before! -- That's huge...and the beginning of all change is the idea for it...then the action. The resonance is my inner-insurance. That insurance is what alerts me to what's a good move (or not) matter what the outcome.
Funny thing....what I've learned I incorporate Eleanor's dance into my life more and more....I am fearless! I think Eleanor would be proud. I know I am!
So, on this day may you "Do one thing everyday that scares you"...and may you tweak your personal prescription so you allow yourself to...fearlessly take one small step at a time, consistently...and with abandon!


Anonymous said...

I totally resonate with "resonance" :) and the balancing act with "doing that one thing" That is key. Thank you.

inspired said...

:o] it's good

Shelley said...

This is a good prescription Cheryl. Just right and inspiring for me right now. I was thinking just last night that I have noticed a considerable reduction in fear...I think it comes from following inner urges without becoming so mentally attached to outcome. thank-you for your inspiring words!

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