Liberation: Giving back what's not mine

Addendum 5/29/07: -- The poem below from last summer fits perfectly into the "A Day in the Life of Me..." challenge over at "Inspire Me Thursday" (in the journal portion). -- This entry is timeless because by choosing to live life creatively, I get to respond in unique, non-conventional, and empowering channeling my emotions into my art-making of whatever form I choose. And, in the end, I am renewed, energized...and yep...I am "Queen for a Day" again! With this approach, I walk away even better than before!

The motivation to "get this down" came as a result of my attempt to release my utter frustration due to someone backing out of their self-prescribed agreement with me (which, it became obvious they wish they hadn't offered what they did, and they didn't plan on honoring it.) What's worse, they then did their best to vault their self-anger onto me. Well...I was not having it! After a few civil exchanges back & forth, I decided to let my Muse have her way with me...and the poem below is the result. -- Wow! Did I feel liberated after this poured out of me! -- Ahh...ain't creativie living grand! (By the way, several weeks later the person apologized and commended me for handling it the way I did; we're back on track now...and that's a good thing.)

Here's the poem -
"Liberation: Giving Back What's Not Mine"

Today was a day of celebration...celebration of life, and feeling good
Today was delight, and joy, and exuberance
Today was happy expectancy, anticipation, and gratitude
It was a day of reaching out, and accountability
Today was follow-up, as requested
Tonight...the fog came,
Tonight the bounty wilted
But not for long . Tonight her darkness, her self-anger disguised and pitched as a curve ball
to hit me circled back and hit's rightful owner...and enlightened me.
You're OUT!
"I don't need a free lunch!" Tonight know...on those yesterdays...I followed your lead!
"I followed YOUR lead!"
...your decisions, your presentation, your suggestions. Tonight you blame me for your choices...No-thank-you... the blame does not belong to me.
...You see, tonight... I am free!


Michael J Russ said...

And isn't being free a great feeling?

You have a wonderful and inspiring way of describing your experiences.

Michael J Russ

Cheryl said...

:)Michael, Freedom...yes! Feels invigorating! Glad you were tuned-in that this was an "experience". My intent was to process a negative experience in a positive way. "Getting it down" liberated me...I'm glad you saw that.


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